Saturday, August 30, 2014

African print Prefontaine's

Earlier this summer I disovered the perfect pattern parcel and I really loved the concept.On the website you can choose a price for a digital collection of patterns.I loved the idea of supporting indie designers and that the proceeds go toward childrens education. Seeing some great summer projects ahead ,including the bombshell swimsuit,which I had been thinking of buying anyway.I purched parcel #3 and sprung for the version that brought a bonus pattern..Prefontaine shorts for women by, made with moxie.
I decided to tackle the shorts first since I was so excited about the possiblities for the pattern .After alot of thought I decided to finally cut into some of my african print fabric.I cut a size 8 so I would have some wiggle room ,since I was using a woven fabric.I also decided I would do a full seat adjustment,to accomodate my bootylicousness, I get very frustrated when pants and shorts fit my hips and rear,but are too large at the waist. The pattern comes with two options for length, either a 1.25 or 5 inch inseam, I went with 5 inches. This pattern was very simple for me to put together,the instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. I opted to add a back patch pocket which is the perfet size to fit your cell phone in..I thought it was a cute deatail.
I wasn't sure about the red bias tape with this print but I love the pop of color. And the art nerd in me Is proud of the triadic color scheme!

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