Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ginger Jeans

I had been planning on making a pair of jeans for so long. back in November I bought the praised ginger jeans pattern and slowly gathered all the supplies I needed. I ended up with loads of denim, 4 different zippers,brass and gunmetal jeans buttons,rivets, and two different colors of top stitching thread. like seriously I went all out. But it wasn't until this month that I had the courage and inspiration to tackle this project. I decided on the high-waisted version of course.
Starting with the fit, according to the size chart I knew I was in the size 10 range in the waist but I would need more room in the hips. So I graded the pattern out to a 12 at the hips and back to a 10 below the knee. I was done cutting out the pieces before it occurred to me I might need a full seat adjustment,so I had no choice but to hope I didn't need one.
all in all I really enjoyed making these jeans, the top stitching was intimidating at first but some practice made it go pretty smoothly. the front fly zip which I thought would be so hard was made relatively painless thanks to the amazing instructions and the sew-along on the closet case files blog. I am definitely going to make another pair and next time I think I will take in the waist a bit more, I don't think it's quite snug enough

Moneta in New york

I bought this black and grey Houndstooth fabric on a whim from one of my favorite shops, wanderlust fabrics almost a year ago. I stashed it of course like sooo many other yards of fabric I've bought,waiting for inspiration to hit and tell me what to do with it.That time came in march shortly after I moved from Connecticut to New York city!. I was looking for a job and Fabric shopping had come to an end.I was soaking up tons of vintage and retro looks,watching black and white movies with the hubby and I thought the untouched Houndstooth and the Moneta dress I took so long to try would be the perfect pair.
I made it a bit more retro with the peter pan collar and I also added bucket pockets with contrasting trim. Overall I love the look of this dress and I understand why everyone loves the moneta pattern.